Mission Webinar

The Committee for Domestic Fields (CDF) hosted a webinar for the fall Mission Festival season. The webinar theme is “Mission Myths” and covers 10 topics across a variety of different evangelism scenarios:

Lesson 1: Mission Myths about the Gospel
“The Good News is just old news”
“Just living the Gospel is a good enough witness”

Lesson 2: Mission Myths about Me
“I can’t do mission work”
“I need to know every answer”

Lesson 3: Mission Myths about Them
“People just aren’t looking for a church home anymore”
“Everyone has heard about Jesus already”

Lesson 4: Mission Myths about My Church
“It doesn’t matter what we try, nothing works”
“We must change or it won’t work”

Lesson 5: Mission Myths about the Culture
“Truth doesn’t matter to evangelism or faith”
“To tolerate is to love”

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