The Committee on Domestic Fields is a subcommittee of the CLC Mission Board. “The purpose of the Committee on Domestic Fields (CDF) is to make outreach ideas and material available to CLC congregations and to encourage them in carrying out the Great Commission of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Fall Mission Webinar

The Committee for Domestic Fields (CDF) hosted a webinar for the fall Mission Festival season. The webinar theme is “Mission Myths” and covers 10 topics across a variety of different evangelism scenarios:

Lesson 1: Mission Myths about the Gospel
“The Good News is just old news”
“Just living the Gospel is a good enough witness”

Lesson 2: Mission Myths about Me
“I can’t do mission work”
“I need to know every answer”

Lesson 3: Mission Myths about Them
“People just aren’t looking for a church home anymore”
“Everyone has heard about Jesus already”

Lesson 4: Mission Myths about My Church
“It doesn’t matter what we try, nothing works”
“We must change or it won’t work”

Lesson 5: Mission Myths about the Culture
“Truth doesn’t matter to evangelism or faith”
“To tolerate is to love”

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